Tango Missoula is a Montana public nonprofit corporation (the federal 501(c)(3) application is pending).

Tango Missoula’s purpose is to stimulate and promote Argentine Tango dancing through the provision of Argentine Tango dances, Argentine Tango dance instruction, and other related activities.

The Corporation shall accomplish this purpose by sponsoring classes, workshops, dances, practice sessions, and other events that offer dancers, musicians, and teachers the opportunity to practice, learn, teach, perform, and participate.

The Corporation may also accomplish this purpose by seeking out other opportunities for community outreach and education about Argentine Tango.

This may include, but not be limited to, granting Tango scholarships, giving free demonstrations, and providing means for greater cooperation between Argentine Tango groups and other organizations and individuals who teach or sponsor social dancing.



Lisa Ronald, President
Michaela Stockhouse, Vice President
Krys Standley, Treasurer
Patrick Marsolek, Secretary
Lori Mitchell, Member
Abby Wyatt, Member


Website and Social Media: Nani Wardhani
Marketing and Promotion: Abby Wyatt


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