DJ, Hosting & Teaching duties


Here's a list of who's on board for upcoming DJ, Hosting and Teaching Duties.

Contact Patrick if you would like to make changes or add your name in somewhere!



Host Duties:


  • Set up the room – line up and direct help for setting out tables, chairs, and tablecloths
  • Plan and execute decorations – again with the help
  • Meet and greet
  • If people bring snacks to share help to set them out
  • Set up water and ensure there is ice water all night
  • Make any announcements needed during the night – coordinate with the DJ
  • Wrangle birthday dances (when there’s a Bday) - coordinate with the Dj
  • Plan a Mixer - coordinate with the Dj
  • Ask for and direct help with clean up at the end of the night


DJ Duties (schedule with Patrick):


  • Responsible for the sound
  • 1/8th inch to RCA cord may be needed
  • Be present at the venue to run music for the intro class
  • At the DDC you can check with the teachers to see if you are needed for the class
  • At the DDC you can just plug in so DJ and teacher can decide about music for the intro class (ultimately the teacher is responsible for the music for their class – if they want help they can ask)
  • Plan a playlist and monitor music throughout the night to keep the flow
  • Monitor volume levels
  • Equalize the music as needed
  • Coordinate with the host for announcements, B-days, raffles, and mixers when they happen
  • And for much, much more... Here are Patrick's Dj thoughts, much more in depth!


Teaching Duties:


  • Arrive before the class to set up the music and be ready to greet students
  • Perhaps dance as guests are arriving
  • Plan music for class
  • Have music to play for class – be able to do this with or without the DJ
    (you can ask for help with this if needed)
  • Plan a basic intro to moving together, walking, side steps, then options – rock steps, rock step turns, simple molinete…
  • Totally enchant all comers into the tango world….