The Reasons Nerdy People love to Dance.

Rebecca Brightly writes wonderful articles on Lindy Hop. This one on why "Nerdy People" dance certainly applies to tango too. Here's a taste and a link to the full article below:

10. Dancing helps you get out of your head.

Thinking is awesome, k? But instead of being constantly wrapped up your thoughts (like when writing your dissertation), do fun stuff. Frivolous stuff. Cool stuff. Just-because-you-want-to stuff.

9. Structured social setting.

Have you ever been to a party and spent the whole time standing around with a drink in your hand, wishing there was something to DO? Like, can someone get out a board game already??

Tired of this social crutch?

Lindy hop is the perfect social activity.

Instead of sitting around talking about boring things, we DO STUFF. You ask someone to dance, do some moves for a few minutes, say thanks, repeat with a new person. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

8. It’s FUN exercise.

FUN EXERCISE?! That’s the holy grail!

Especially as a beginner, you’re too busy getting your steps right to realize you’re out of breath. Those stupid, “Lose weight with this 1 weird old trick!” ads should link to a lindy hop instructional video.