Board Updates

Oct 2017

Notes from the Tango Missoula Board Meeting on 9/21/17 

Tango Missoula now organizes the 4th Saturday Milongas and will run the Missoula Spring Tango Festival 2018. 

Interested in helping organize, decorate or host a 4th Saturday Milonga? Talk to Krys or Lori, or We would love your help. 
• October 28th Halloween at the Florence. DJ John Gatchell 

Post Cards and Flyers –Abby printed postcards with general Tango information. The monthly flyer for October is ready now. Let’s get these out there. If you can help distribute, contact Patrick . 

Heather Adams shared her vision with the board for growing dance in the Missoula community, a vision that resonates with Tango Missoula. Tango Missoula looks forward to working with the DDC to continue growing a thriving dance community. 

Missoula DJs are growing in number. Yay! Rob has stepped up to mentor new DJs. Thank you Rob! He has created an online resource for DJs and is in charge of booking DJs for the 4th Saturday Milongas. Please contact Rob if you are interested in . 

Things in the works: 
Formation of a UM Tango Club. Activity Tango class at UM taught by Krys next semester. Recruiting future board members. 

Shout out to Pamela and Kalle who have started a 6 Saturday Tango class in Hamilton. Tango on! 

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