Directions to Second Chance - Lori & Patrick's Yurt in Potomac


Lori & Patrick’s House

383 N. Coloma Way, Potomac MT 59823


Coming from Missoula (or Helena/Butte on I-90)

A few miles east of Missoula on I-90 take Exit 109 for Bonner and Highway 200 East.  Pass a big truck stop on your right, pass a huge lumber mill on your left as you drive through the tiny town of Bonner.  Continue East on Highway 200 along the Blackfoot River.

Pass the Potomac Store at about mile 16.

Just after mile marker 18 turn right (south) onto Potomac Rd. (Not to be confused by the other part of Potomac Road that you passed back near the store.)


Coming from the East on Hwy 200 (Helena, Great Falls…)

Just after mile marker 19, turn left (south) onto Potomac Rd.  (If you get to the store, around mile marker 16, you’ve gone to far!)


On Potomac Road:

Travel about 30 seconds, .4 miles, and stop at a T.  Go left on Hole in the Wall Road.  Travel a couple more minutes on the paved road, 1.8 miles. Don't turn right on the gravel road that goes up the hill, stay in the valley bottom. Look for a bunch of garbage cans and mailboxes on your left.  Just past the mailboxes turn left onto Coloma Way which is a gravel road. Drive across the valley flat and up the hill through two switchbacks going up the hill. Please take it easy on the gravel to not stir up too much dust. Go past Schwietzer Road on your right at the second switchback. Top the hill, and start down the other side. Look for 383, on a post on your left, which is the second driveway on the left down the other side of the hill. That’s the Driveway with the flags across it and a small sign that says "Lori & Patrick". It's 1.1 miles from the mailboxes.

(383 North Coloma Way, Potomac MT 59823)

Note: When you turn on to Coloma Way, the numbers get smaller, then they get larger again once you're up and over the hill - that'- because you'll then be on Coloma Way North! Your GPS might get confused!

Call us if you need help: 406-244-8265 (Landline) 406-443-3439 (Patrick's Cell - which does work out there). Most cell phones are not working these days in the Potomac valley. If you need to call, you can actually get reception about 10 miles further East on hwy 200 by the Paws Up ranch.


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