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Twisting without Tension - Alexander Technique with Mari Hodges

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In this class we will explore ways to improve balance, connection and ease of movement using the Alexander Technique. With this holistic approach, dancers discover how to “undo” patterns of tension that pull the body out of a natural, easy alignment. Through a process of increasing self-awareness and self-organization, we will play with possibilities of reducing interference from unconscious and unhelpful tension. We will explore movement and coordination that collaborate with the design of the human body in order to discover how to redirect energy in a productive way that contributes to greater flow, control, spatial awareness and connection with the self and partner. This process of self-discovery enables tango dancers to develop appropriate muscle tone and balance that allow greater connection with the whole body as well as with partners and the surrounding space.

Alexander Technique is not something new to learn, rather it is a way of “unlearning” habits of posture, movement and thought that get in the way of what we want to do. The principles can be applied to any style of tango, as well as any other activity in life. The Alexander Technique is used by many of the top dancers in Buenos Aires and has been used by performing artists around the world for over a century to enhance performance skills.

Private lessons available during the entire weekend from March 6 noon to March 8 evening.
Cost for festival participants $40, non-participants $60  -  Contact Mari